Umbali  Wedding Venue has now opened an Exclusive Wedding Dress boutique specializing in Wedding Dresses, evening wear and accessories.

Situated in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga..LvB  Wedding Dress Boutique was established by Billy Lindeque van Biljon in memory of his late mother Daniella, who started her boutique in 2012Sadly, she passed away in 2018 and Billy vowed to carry on her legacy.

Umbali wedding venue in Nelspruit and Billy joined forces and have now established the LvB Bridal Brand.


This boutique aims to stock the most recent runway looks and styles, in the Wedding Dress and Evening Wear industry.

LvB can also customize designs and orders to the client's requests and satisfaction.

Billy’s passion is Wedding dresses and his vast experience and 6th sense of what a bride will best look in, is extremely valuable for a Bride coming to the boutique, looking for her dream dress, veil and accessories.

Being a new boutique, LvB Bridal boutique has a huge variety of the latest trends, materials, jewellery, accessories and all the different lengths and trends in beautiful veils.

Lvb Bridal Boutique is situated on the premises of Umbali Wedding Venue, in the picturesque setting of the Lowveld.

nelspruit wedding dresses

> Billy is available 7 days a week. To ensure exclusive attentiveness to the Bride, please make an appointment with him  Tel number  083 240c2175

> Lvb Bridal Boutique also recognizes the following trends hitting high marks for the 2019/2020 season:

> Flowy Bo Ho dresses with beautiful sleeves.

Big Ball gowns with intricate detailing

We also see a big rise in popularity of softly coloured wedding dresses ranging from  Light blues, Peaches, Pinks & Nudes.

LvB Bridal boutique also prides itself in catering for  Brides wanting something Out- of- the- box or Over-the-top for example Prints, Couture, High fashion, and African Traditional.

Umbali Wedding Venue and LvB Bridal boutique have a Bi-annual Open day, with a fashion show to showcase new trends and new arrivals in the wedding and wedding dress industry.

It goes without saying, that the boutique also caters for the cutest Flower girl dresses, for all ages.

Infinity dresses, in all the colours of the rainbow, now also with some Organza detail, are also available.

Exclusive Mother-of-the-Bride dresses can be made to order,  at this One stop Bridal Boutique.

Umbali and LvB Bridal Boutique has 10 top tips on  how to buy your dream Wedding Dress:


Umbali Wedding Venue  and LvB Bridal Boutique offer the Bride peace of Mind:

  • Buying or Hiring the dress of her Dreams at LvB Bridal boutique
  • Having professional attention by Billy,  to every detail, concerning her look on that day.
  • Having the most beautiful and yet affordable venue.
  • Having a professional Wedding Planner free of charge.
  • Having a beautiful Honeymoon suite to get pampered and dressed in.
  • Having a stress free wedding ceremony and reception, with all the details being cared for by the Umbali team.

Together, Umbali and LvB Bridal Boutique create the most beautiful Memories


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